PowerButte is the face of Butte County’s commitment to encourage renewable energy and to support its General Plan and Climate Action Plan. Here, you will find information about Butte County’s plans to develop a Guide to Utility Scale Solar. PowerButte is your online source of information on innovative programs that are helping to make Butte County a Place for Clean Energy. This effort will serve as a vehicle to engage, educate, and learn from the public about the context for, and trade-offs with, the promotion of solar energy in Butte County.

Butte County Utility-Scale Solar Guide Project - We will create a PowerButte Utility-Scale Solar Guide that will include a Vision, Guiding Principles, Entitlement Process, State and Local Context, Opportunities and Constraints, Recommended Standards and Design Guidelines, a GIS Mapping Tool, Community Benefits and Future Trends/Creative Approaches.  The guide will be succinct and reader-friendly by avoiding jargon and using graphic elements to convey the concepts in the report.  As part of this task, County staff and the consultant team will coordinate with an expert in utility-scale solar development in order ensure that the Guide is useful to the solar industry and effectively explains the review and approval process in Butte County. This effort will also help the County and the State meet ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets and green energy production goals...MORE INFO

PowerButte Sustainability Updates - Coming Soon! 

Check back for Butte County's efforts to update its Climate Adaptation Plan, including the preparation of a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Change Preparedness Plan in support of SB-32 and SB-379.

Butte County's Adopted Climate Action Plan (CAP)

Butte County adopted a Climate Action Plan (CAP) on February 25, 2014.  The CAP implements the County’s recently adopted General Plan by providing goals, measures, and actions to improve quality of life in the County. The CAP contains programs and actions that are designed to help the County sustain its natural resources, grow efficiently, ensure long-term resiliency to a changing environmental and economic climate, and improve transportation. The CAP also supports statewide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals identified in Assembly Bill (AB) 32 and Senate Bill (SB) 375...MORE INFO

Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs (PACE)

PACE programs are implemented in Butte County to assist property owners with financing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, water conservation and energy efficiency projects...MORE INFO

Solar Permits

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