Butte County and the City of Chico are currently researching whether Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) could be a good opportunity for its communities. CCA is a program that allows cities, counties and other qualifying governmental entities to purchase and/or generate electricity for their residents and businesses.

PowerButte Sustainability Updates
Butte County is in the process of updating various documents to comply with State sustainability initiatives. These documents include Butte County’s Climate Action Plan and Climate Adaptation Plan (2014), General Plan Health and Safety Element (2010) and the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (2014). A CivicSpark Fellow, part of an AmeriCorps California program, is undertaking work in support of updates to these various documents in accordance with:

  • Climate Change Adaptation (SB 379, 2015)
  • 20130 GHG Emissions Target (SB32, 2016)

Assistance with this work is also being provided by geography students enrolled in CSU Chico’s Fall 2017, GEOG 506 Community Service Practice in Geography class, taught by Dr. Mark Stemen, including the preparation of a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment. A set of goals, policies and objectives, in support of adaptation and reseliency will be developed based upon the vulnerability assessment, including implementation measures that will avoid or minimize climate change impacts. All work products will ultimately be brought forward to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors for review.

Sustainability Knowledge Center – Key Terms 

Climate Vulnerability Assessment – A method for determining the potential impacts of climate change on community assets and populations. The severity of these impacts and the community’s ability to respond will determine how these impacts affect a community’s health, economy, ecosystems, and socio-cultural stability. Communities that understand these impacts can prepare climate adaptation policies and programs to increase resilience to climate change. (Planning for Adaptive Communities) 

Adaptive Capacity – The ability of a population to prepare for or react to the long-term impacts of climate change, including increased frequency and severity of disasters. Lower-income and institutionalized populations may have limited adaptive capacity due to lower access to necessary resources. Also see “Resiliency,” which refers to a system’s ability to respond to a particular event, whereas “Adaptive Capacity” refers to a system’s more general ability to adapt to climate change impacts. (Butte County Climate Action Plan) 

Resiliency – The ability of a community, natural resource, or system to anticipate, absorb, accommodate, or recover from the effects of a potentially hazardous event in a timely and efficient manner, including through ensuring the preservation, restoration, or improvement of its essential basic structures and functions. (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. 2012)


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